Site Selection Service
How it works
Customer & POI data
We consolidate data from more than 200 sources which cover more than 90% of the information needed. For the last 10% our research department creates models such as pedestrian and car traffic on every street and road. Or for example our neural network counts private houses and cars on satellite shots.
Demand modelling
We not only need data but in addition we combine it with customer's behavior patterns. For example, we know that in most cases you buy coffee on your way to work and enrich the pattern with a map of other coffee points around.
Machine learning
We replace big teams of experts with our algorithm to achieve high accuracy of revenue prediction. Finally we provide clear location insights for the Investment Committee.
Measurable result
BestPlace methodology strongly focuses on key business metrics. We assist to open 20% more successful stores spending 70% less time on decision making.
What we do
Market potential heat map
Uncovers the most cost-effective places in the city. The map is based on population, income, number of competitors and more than 20 other indicators.
Pedestrian traffic model
Special BestPlace research of demographic pattens allows you to identify hot spots of high demand density and find a site on the everyday route of your focused audience.
Revenue forecast
It takes only 8 seconds to calculate sales potential, report the complete analysis of the local market on the map and specify key influenced factors.
Industry expertise
We are experienced in predicting demand for retail chains, HoReCa and services.
Intelligible reports
illustrate strong and weak location factors, reference stores and cannibalization level.
Territory coverage
We facilitate your expansion in wide range of regions including emerging markets.
Useful for
Owners and top managers
Improve company's revenue and EBITDA growth and operational processes efficiency.
Marketing specialists and analysts
Get reliable data and enrich your understanding of local market with easy-to-use tools.
Development and construction managers
Visit only the most prospective sites and save time on paper work.
Our clients
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